Welcome to my web design blog! My career might be in IT, but I’ve never lost my sense of creativity and love designing fake websites in my spare time. The point of this blog is for me to share some of the design ideas I’ve made that I like the most, as well as sharing other great designs I’ve seen online. If you see a great (or terrible!) website design please send them to me! My more technical co-workers might not realize the importance of design, but I do. I’ll also share my thoughts and opinions on the latest news, trends and related issues in web design.

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So You’ve Designed Your Website — Now What?

I’m going to write about something a bit different now, something that makes more use of my technical background. There’s nothing more tragic to me than seeing a brilliantly designed website that no one knows about, because the business that spent all that money on for the design paid no attention to driving traffic to the site. What’s the point of art if you don’t get anyone into the gallery to see it? So here are some tips to help make sure enough people come to your site.

Traditional Advertising

One way to drive traffic to your website is to advertise, and in this case there are two different ways you can do it: traditional advertising, and online. Traditional advertising is through mediums like print, radio, TV, mail, and so on. Print can include ads in newspapers, magazines, or in bus stops and billboards. I would say stay away from radio ads, because it’s often too difficult for people who hear an ad to remember the right URL to your site. If you don’t know how to properly advertise, you can always hire an agency to do it for you.

Online Marketing

Another way to drive traffic to your new website is through online marketing and advertising. You can optimize the content of your website to make it rank higher in Google searches relevant to your business, this is known as Search Engine Optimization.


You can also link to your site through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, though for that to be effective you need to grow your audience and that can take months of work. You can also pay for advertisements online, through Google, social media, third party websites, or email marketing. Like with traditional advertising, you can always pay for a Digital Marketing Agency to run your online marketing campaigns for you.